Proven Results

Power Twist V-Belts outperform conventional rubber drive belts time after time in harsh environments.
A high performance polyester fabric provides an incredibly strong, yet flexible belt with the same horsepower ratings as classical section V-belts. And, the best materials give excellent resistance to extremes of temperature, abrasion, exposure to oils, grease, water, steam, and common industrial solvents and chemicals.


In Many Industries

The real proof is performance on the drive. In the harshest environments, field results show PowerTwist can last up to 15 times longer than conventional rubber V-belt!


Lathe : 4x "B" section-Oil and heat resistance plus reduced transmitted vibration to tool head.

Poultry Ventilation Fan : 1x "A" section-Ammonia and heat resistance with easy installation.

Oil Pumping Unit : 3x "C" section-Handles shock loads, resists dry rotting and provides on site availability


Oil, Chemical and Temperature Resistant

PowerTwist's special composite polyurethane/ polyester construction means PowerTwist V-Belts will outperform conventional rubber V-belts in handling hostile environments including exposure to oil, grease, water, most common industrial and agricultural chemicals and solvents, and extremes of temperature from -40 to _240.